Aquaculture Kit for Fresh Water

This economical kit comes with all the essential parameters and necessary accessories that are required to monitor the growth of fish & prawns.
Product Name Method Range No. Of Tests
Dissolved Oxygen Modified Winkler's 0 - 8 ppm 100 test
Alkalinity Acid Titrimetry 25 - 750 mg/l 100 tests
Ammonia Nessler's 0 to 6 ppm 100 tests
Nitrite NEDA 0 - 2 ppm 100 tests
pH (Water) Universal Indicator 4 - 11 pH 100 tests
Scope Of Supply:
pH Reagents 20 ml of Alkalinity indicator-1, pk/100 tablets alkalinity indicator -2, 100 ml of alkalinity reagent, pK/100 tablets-Nitrite reagent -A,pK/100 tablets-Nitrite reagent -B, 20 ml Ammonia reagent -1. 20 ml ammonia reagent -2,60 ml of DO reagent -1, 60 ml of DO reagent-2, 100 ml of DO reagent-3, 30 ml DO Indicator, 100 ml of DO reagent-4, 125 ml stoppered glass bottle,100 ml measuring cylinder,100 ml conical flask,Test tube with cork-2 Nos, test tube stand, color chart for pH, Nitrite and Ammonia, 10 ml measuring cylinder,plastic beaker, cleaning brush, board pin, instruction manual in astandard Z box.