Deluxe Aqua Kit

Portable Water Analysis Lab I

For Low Pressure
Maintaining good water quality is essential for faster growth and yield in Aquaculture.
  • Portable DO meter for accurate DO measurement in aquaculture water with 12 feet cable.
  • Salinity and altitude compensation.
  • Temperature.<.li>
  • 5 Essential Parameters each of 100 tests.
  • Study state polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor.
  • pH Tester.
  • Soil pH Tester.
Product Name Range No of Test
Dissolved Oxygen 0.0 to 20.0 ppm By Hand Held Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Alkalinity 24 to 750 mg/L 100 tests
Ammonia 0.05 to 6 ppm 100 tests
Nitrite 0 to 2 ppm 100 tests
Iron 0.02 to 3 ppm 50 tests
Salinity 0 to 28% By hand held salinity refractometer
pH (Water) 0 to 14 ph By pen type pH tester
pH (Soil) 0 to 14 ph By hand held Soil pH tester
Hydrogen Sulfide