Online Toxicity Analyzer

A Product by Orlab

Modern Water’s Microtox® CTM is a site-based, broad range, Continuous Toxicity Monitor (CTM). It continuously measures the chemical toxicity of a water source, giving instant indication of water health. Microtox® CTM is a fully automatic instrument that offers a 4-week, autonomous operating cycle and requires a low level of skill for both operation and maintenance.

Microtox® CTM makes fully automatic, continuous, on-line testing a reality. It has broad-range detection capabilities that provide rapid early warning of contamination by several thousand known chemicals. This enables containment measures to be actioned in time to protect against serious contamination events. A major advantage over most analytical methods is that Microtox® CTM is able to detect a broad range of contaminants whether or not there is prior knowledge of the potential source of contamination.

Other on-line toxicity monitors take intermittent samples and provide only one test result in typically 15-30 minutes. This means that brief events may be missed or lead to a high incidence of false negatives. Microtox® CTM takes two measurements per second, significantly reducing the risk of missed events.

  • Real-time and truly continuous monitoring
  • 4-week, autonomous operating cycle
  • No manual intervention except for monthly maintenance
  • Automatic diagnosis and reporting of system faults
  • Remote data analysis and troubleshooting
  • Detects thousands of chemical compounds with lower levels of detection than most other biosensor systems
Sample Requirement 100 - 200 ml/min at ambient pressure
Sample Temperature 5 - 35 OC
Ambient Temperature 5 - 40 OC with A/C option
Power Supply 100/240V, 50-60Hz AC, 480W
Display Colour, 180mm diagonal, touch sensitive
Communications Ethernet, USB port for data download
Communications Options 4-20 mA, 2 relay alarm output, GPRS modem, Wifi network, LAN
Consumables Supplied frozen immediate use on site or storage at -22oC. Suitable for 4 weeks operation
Auto Calibration Interval User settable between 3 and 24 hours
Standard 5 mg/L zinc ion from zinc sulphate or customer specified
Waste Volume 120 l/month – non-toxic, suitable for soak away
Autosampler Takes samples on positive alarm (optional)
Weight 70kg (approx.)
Dimensions: Main Enclosure 1250 x 750 x 365 mm (H x W x D)
Control Panel 425 x 750 x 365 mm (H x W x D)
Housing Aluminium
Maintenance Typically 2 hours per month
Mounting Wall or floor
Optional Pre-filtration, A/C option
Certification CE, RoHS and WEEE