Portable Soil Analysis Lab Plus

Portable Water Analysis Lab I

The Orlab Portable Soil Analysis Plus Lab is a comprehensive outfit suitable for both Lab and field use.
This lab comes with a Photometer, pH meter, Conductivity meter, and all the required parameter reagents, extraction reagents and necessary accessories. Portable soil analysis lab plus is available in 100 tests pack.
Product Name Range No of Test
Phosphate 0-200 Kg/hector 100 test
Potassium as K2O 0-790 Kg/hector 100 tests
Ammonia as NH4 0-56 Kg/hector 100 tests
Nitrate Nitrogen as NO3-N 0-280 Kg/hector 100 tests
Sulphur as SO4-S 0-180 Kg/hector 100 tests
Lime Req 0-34 Ton/hector 100 tests
Calcium No upper Limit meq/100 gr 100 tests
Magnesium No upper Limit meq/100 gr 100 tests
pH 0-14 100 tests
Cond 10-1990 us/cm 100 tests