About Us

ORLAB INSTRUMENTS PVT LTD is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer of a diversified range of products in the field of Water and Soil Analysis. Our factory is located at Export Promotion Industrial Park, Pashamylaram, Patancheru Mandal, Hyderabad, India. We produce a comprehensive range of Water Quality Test Kits, Multiparameter Field test kits, Bacteriological P/A test vials, Portable Water Analysis Labs, Soil Analysis kits, lab, Microbiological Labs and Environmental Instruments for monitoring Water and Soil Quality of various applications. In addition to this, we also manufacture high quality pre-packed reagents/kits, which can be used on Photometers / Spectrophotometers of any branded or on any pre-programmed Spectrophotometers of Hach, WTW, Merck, Lovibond, Thermo, Elico, etc. In this domain, we have 25 years of experience and vast knowledge of the market. This, combined with our sincere commitment has enabled us to become one of the best and reliable manufacturers of Test Kits and Portable Labs in India.

ORLAB is spread over the country through excellent sales and service network and core competence in quality & service supporting all State & Central government organizations for Rural & Urban development on sanitation and health. Besides this, the Institutions, NGO’s, farmers and other industries are covered through Orlab.

Since 1988, we have served many industries with our quality products and provided valuable service and support. Our product range is widely used in various Government sectors like PHED’s, Water Board’s, Panchaytiraj, etc, NGO’s like UNICEF, ARGHYAM and AED etc. Thermal Power Plants, Educational & Research Institutes, Pharma & Healthcare, Agro Chemical, Fertilizer Industries, Soil labs, Water Treatment Plants, and many other industries for various applications.

Our test kits are tested & certified by CSIR, BARC, AIIH & PH and NABL Accredited Labs. Most of the reagents which we use in our kits and labs are pre-packed and ready to use for testing. Apart from this, we also provide these test kits and labs in customized options to suit the customer’s applications and choice.