Bio Dilutor – Serial Diluter

A Product by Orlab

Bio Dilutor – Serial Diluter

The Bio Dilutor enables the performance of fast and accurate decimal dilutions and general purpose small volume liquid handling. This instrument cuts back on time spent in labs devoted to general small liquid handling procedures and dilutions.

Although devised specifically for the performance of serial dilutions in microbiology labs, any life science lab can benefit from the use of this high precision automatic pipette. The Bio Dilutor Advanced model can be connected to a scale in order to perform gravimetric dilutions. During diluting procedures, in order to avoid samples contaminating the diluent, the instrument separates sampled volumes from the rest of the diluent with an air bubble.

System Highlights


The Bio Dilutor streamlines serial dilutions and liquid handling by reducing times and labor required. When diluting, it avoids diluent contamination with an air bubble system that ensures handled samples won’t come in contact with diluents.


A precise stepper motor controls liquid dispensing in the Bio Dilutor.


It can be programmed to match a large array of liquid dispensing and dilution needs. A commanding pedal is available to ease operation with the device. Its liquid handling circuit can be easily disassembled for sterilization.

Syringe volume 10, 5, 2.5 or 1ml autoclavable
Maximum flow speed 4 ml/s with 10 ml syringe
Minimum volume step 1/1000 of the total volume of syringe
Use of disposable tip Programmed from the beginning of process
Air bubble volume Programmable
Sample volume Programmable. Limited to the tip volume (1300 ml)
Min. sample volume 1% of the syringe volume used. Warning message if it is less than 5%
Dilution factor Programmable from 1:1 to 1: 1000
Reproducibility Better than 1% even for dilutions using more than one single syringe stroke
Printer communication Serial RS 232, programmable
Mains 100/240 V, 50/60Hz
Power 40W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 30x30x20cm / 11.8x11.8x7.8 in
Weight 6 Kg / 13.2 lb
For Advanced only
Balance communication Serial RS 232, programmable
Gravimetric dilution By specific weight of solvent
Linked programs Up to 9