Biological Aerobic Degradation with OxiTopR-IDS A6 – WTW

A Product by Orlab

Biological Aerobic Degradation with OxiTopR-IDS A6 - WTW

  • OxiTop®-IDS system to determine biological degradability according to OECD/microbiology
  • lab procedure according to DIN ISO 29 408 / ISO 9408 / OECD 301 F
  • Easy handling for secure results
  • Flexible use for different volumes and temperatures
  • Graphic evaluation on the MultiLine® for process monitoring

Respirometric measuring system for aerobic operation, 6 measuring units, requires Multi 3620 IDS SET WL or Multi 3630 IDS SET WL, please order separately. Universal power supply 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Including 6 sample bottles, PF45/1000 (1000 ml), 6 OxiTop® AD/SK adapters, stirring platform IS 6-Var and accessories. Biological Aerobic Degradation with OxiTop®-IDS wireless measuring heads with Bluetooth® LE technology for operation with Multi 3620 IDS or Multi 3630 IDS, memory for 360 measuring points, with backlit graphic LCD and control LED, for routine BOD also operable without IDS multiparameter instrument.