BM-T+ Multi-purpose Respirometer – Surcis

BM-T Respirometer
A Product by Orlab

BM-T+ Multi-purpose Respirometer - Surcis

  • Compact analyzer, with very low maintenance and user friendly operation
  • Direct oxygen measurements from a maintenance-free oxygen sensor
  • No oxygenation restriction during test performance
  • Full control and results by means a powerful software already loaded in the PC of the system
  • Respirometer Automatic software update versions from internet
  • Capacity for test conditions setting and modify them throughout the test performance.
  • Automatic measurements: OUR, SOUR, bCOD, rbCOD, sbCOD, U (COD utilization rate) and q (specific U)
  • Last, minimum, maximum and moving average results throughout any moment of the test
  • Several results at any time during the test and possibility to see them simultaneously on tabular or graphic modes
  • Option to open several stored tests and compare their results
  • Respirometer Automatic temperature control by means an external peltier-heating device.
  • Package of measurements at any moment during test performance
  • Capacity for different respirograms and simultaneous overlying
  • BM respirometers measure data that can be directly input into modeling – simulating software
  • Option for a special reactor assembly for moving beds bio-films (MBBR)
  • Optional suitcases for easy transportation
Type Optimized batch with closed recirculation.
Use Laboratory.
Oxygen sensor Maintenance free oxygen sensor. It is not necessary to replace neither membrane nor electrolyte
Measurements Dissolved oxygen (OD) and Temperature. OUR & SOUR, Rs & Rsp, CO (Consumed Oxygen) and bCOD determinations. Calculation of U (Substrate utilization rate) and q (Specific U) Measurements visualization on tabular and graphical modes throughout the time. Overview of the results package at any time. Data acquisition interval setting. During the test, we get the last, minimum, maximum and average values.
Test files Automatic generation of a security file just when the test is starting. Possibility to save any test under the own software format and/or Excel.
Operation modes Static, Cyclic and Dynamic controlled by a specific software loaded in the PC of the system. Automatic respirograms generation throughout the test. Pre-set test conditions (T, DO, sample volume,…) and possibility to change them during its performance.
Aeration system From a small air compressor and a ceramic diffuser. The air flow can be controlled by means the software for different percentages of air supply for a non limited time.
Respirograms Automatic generation of graphic respiromgrams with the possibility to overlay them for comparison. Zoom application for total or partial periods. Option for simultaneous visualization of several data displays under tabular and/or graphic modes.
Partial measurements During the test and to its finalization there is the option to get selective partial measurements from the values table or from any period that we can select in the respirogram.
Dynamic calibration Only for R mode the measuring system is calibrated by means the reaction of a chemical standard in distilled water, where the total oxygen demand is already known.
Biomass-carrier reactor Option for a special reactor for biomass carriers to get all respirometry applications for any MBBR process type.
MBBR reactor Option for a special reactor assembly for moving beds bio-films (MBBR) Option for ORP: Option to measure the ORP (Redox) – Consult to Surcis –
Temperature 10 to 50º C, by means a peltier & heating external system (MD-40), connected to the surrounding shirt in the reactor glass.
Output RS232 (for bench computer) or USB (for Laptop)
Display LCD in sensor controller, LEEDS in front panel and PC screen.
Suitcases Optional padded suitcases for easy console and peltier & heating device transportation.
Power 230 ACV or 115 ACV (under demand) 50/60 Hz - 300 W
Dimensions/Weight 34 x 33 x 46 (wide x deep x high) / 12.5 kg