Chlorine Dioxide Pocket Photometer

A Product by HF Scientific

Chlorine Dioxide Pocket Photometer – HF Scientific, USA

  • Laboratory accuracy in the field: Microprocessor technology together with rugged construction ensures accuracy and durability in the roughest environments
  • Integrated packaging: Self-contained packaging provides convenient access to everything needed to conduct a test
  • Auto shut off: Pocket photometer extends battery life by automatically shutting off when not in use
  • EPA approved method-chlorine dioxide photometer: Meets Standard Method 4500-ClO2D.DPD Colorimetric Method for measuring residual Chlorine Dioxide
  • DPD dispenser: Uses the HF DPD Powder Pop dispenser that simplifies the handling of DPD reagent
  • Made in the USA
Range 0 - 10 mg/l
Method EPA approved - DPD
Resolution 0.01 ppm for 0-6 ppm
0.1 ppm for 6-10 ppm
Measurement 1cm path length
Accuracy 2% 0-6 ppm
10% 6-10 ppm
Response time 3 seconds
Power supply 4 - AAA alkaline batteries (up to 1000 tests)
Display 7 segment bright vision LCD
Certification CE
Light source Long life LED - 515nm
Sample size 3 ml
Enclosure IP67, waterproof at 1m for 30 minutes