Hardness Total (High range) Test Kit

Procedure: Small amount of sample is collected in a test tube and an indicator reagent is added to the sample. Use the dropper bottle, the titrant, until the color changes. To calculate the concentration just multiply the number of drops required by the titrant by a simple factor given in the test kit manual.

After the sample is buffered to pH 10.1 Erichrom Black T indicator is added, and form a wine red complex with a portion of the Calcium and Magnesium in the sample. EDTA titrant reacts first with the free Calcium and Magnesium ions, then with those bound to the indicator, causing it to change to a blue color at the end point.
Method: EDTA Titrimetric method
Range: 25 - 1000 mg/l
No of Tests: 100 Tests
Catalog No: OR-TH-01
Scope Of Supply:
100 ml of hardness buffer, pK/100 tablets hardness indicator, 100 ml of hardness reagent, 10 ml measuring cylinder,100 ml conical flask, instruction manual in a flute board box.