Open Channel Flow Meter

A Product by Orlab

UTG21-DR Open channel flow meter used to the measurement of flow within open, partially-filled and free flow channels and the open channel flow meter must be used with the measuring weirs and is mainly used to measure sewage flow within the channel under an open, partially filled and free flow conditions.

Items Integral Remote
Measuring range Instantflow 0.1L/s~120000 m3/s
Level 0.35m~3.000m
Measuring accuracy Flow Triangular weir 1 ~ 5%/rectangular weir 3 ~ 5% Parshall flume 2 ~ 3%
Level +-0.3% FS (standard condition )
Cumulative flow 4000000000m3
Dead band 0.35m
Pressure Below 3 barometric pressure / 2000m below sea level
Meter display Displays instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, liquidlevel, echo waveforms and historical curves
Power supply DC18~36V / 100mA or AC85~265V / 3W
Flow recorder Can query the cumulative flow of any time during the last 8 years
Output Analog current 12bit, with load of less than 500 Ohm
Digital signal RS485/ModBus agreement
Switching values Switching value of 2~4 circuits
Temperature Environment -20°C~ +60°C
Process -20°C~+90°C(specify in order where a temperature of over +60°Cis a necessity)
Interface Electric M20×1.5mm PG11 waterproof connector
Process G2”
Materials Transmitter Aluminum alloy ABS
Waterproof Level IP67 IP65
Explosion protection classEX d[ia]iaⅡBT4* N/A