OxiTopR-IDS AN 6 Measuring System for Anaerobic Degradation – WTW

A Product by Orlab

BM-T+ Multi-purpose Respirometer - Surcis

  • OxiTop®-IDS measuring system for biogas measurement/microbiology (anaerobic/(aerobic) measurement
  • Convenient and accurate measurements of the biogas rate
  • Specific manipulation possible due to special measuring bottles
  • Safety by warning pressure function

Respirometric measuring system for anaerobic operation, 6 measuring units, requires Multi 3620 IDS SET WL or Multi 3630 IDS SET WL, please order separately. Universal power supply 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Accessories incl. 6 MF45/1000 bottles (1000 ml) with 2 nozzles each and septum seal, 6 OxiTop® AD/SK adapters and 1 stirring platform IS 6-Var. OxiTop®-IDS/B wireless measuring heads with Bluetooth® LE technology for operation with Multi 3620 IDS or Multi 3630 IDS, memory for 360 measuring points, with backlit graphic LCD and control LED, enhanced pressure range up to 1.5 bars, H2S resistant pressure sensor for biogas measurement, for routine BOD also operable without IDS multiparameter instrument.

Pressure range (hPa) 500 to 1250/500 to 1500
Selectable time span 0,5 h to 180 d
Data points Up to 360, selectable
Communication interface (via Multi 3620 IDS/ 3630 IDS) Bluetooth® LE
Special functions: BOD Standard with statistic averaging, BOD Special up to 400.000 mg/l, pressure
Additional manual measurement without Multi 3620/3630 IDS
Selectable sample volume (ml) 22.7 ; 43.5 ; 97.0 ; 164 ; 250 ; 365 ; 432
BOD range 0 to 4000 mg/l
Display LCD, backlit, menu control
Control LED RGB
Battery 1 x CR 2450