Portable Microbiology Lab

Portable Water Analysis Lab I

(Microbiology Parameters)
The heart of the lab is the portable incubator which takes on-site water testing to new heights by its unique features.
  • Microbiology Lab is used to measure E-coli and total coliform in portable or small scale microbiology
  • Conducts emergency screening on contaminated water supply.
  • Membrane filtration method for estimating the bacterial population in water samples.
  • Easy to use portable incubator and hand-held vacuum assembly, even in remote areas where there is no electricity.
  • Read and confirm results within 24 hours,. ensure accurate results.
  • Hand held pH and Conductivity & TDS meters.
  • The kit includes all the necessary Accessories and Pre-Packed Reagents E-Coliforms & Total Coliforms.
  • Technical support by Highly Qualified personnel.
Product Name Range No of Test
E-Coliforms 100 tests
Total Coliforms 100 tests