4749 Acid Digestion Vessels, 23 mL

A Product by Orlab

4749 General Purpose Acid Digestion Vessels, 23 mL

The 4749 General Purpose Acid Digestion Vessels is a 23 mL, general purpose acid digestion vessel, similar to the original 4745 model but modified for use at higher temperatures and pressures, and provided with safety blowout protection as well. Operating temperatures and pressures up to a maximum of 250 °C and 1800 psig are permitted in this vessel using a thick-walled PTFE liner with a broad, flanged seal. The forces required to seal the liner are developed by tightening the vessel cap with a spanner while holding the vessel in a special fixture. A safety rupture disc in the vessel head is designed to blow out and release the pressure through an opening in the cover at approximately 3500 psig. With its high temperature capability and safety rupture disc this is an excellent vessel for all general digestion purposes, and particularly for experimental procedures in which the behavior of the reactants has not been well established.

One of the original applications for these vessels, which continues to be one of their principal uses, is for digesting alumina samples at temperatures to 250 °C. For this and other difficult digestions, Parr offers an optional tumbling ring (A284AC) that can be attached to the vessel body. With this ring in place, the vessel will roll smoothly when placed on a powered roller, thus providing a convenient means for agitating the charge during long digestion procedures.

Model Number 4749
Size, mL 23
Maximum Charge, grams
Inorganic Sample 1.0
Organic Sample 0.1
Recommended Maximum Temperature, °C 250
Absolute Maximum Temperature, °C 250
Absolute Maximum pressure, psig 1800
Body Material Stainless steel
Cup Seal Flanged
Overpressure Protection Rupture Disc
Closure Style Spanner Wrench
Vessel Dimensions, cm
Overall Height 8.33
Maximum O.D. 6.35
Cup Dimensions, cm
Inside Diameter 2.64
Inside Depth 4.39
Vessel Weight, grams 1020