4749A General Purpose Acid Digestion Vessels, 10 mL

A Product by Orlab
The 4749A General Purpose Acid Digestion Vessels is a 10 mL modification of the 23 mL, 4749 Vessel. This is the smallest of all Parr Acid Digestion Vessels. It will be a good choice for chemists working with very expensive materials or materials only available in small amounts. It will also appeal to users who wish to minimize the risks associated with hazardous materials or reactions by restricting the reactants or products to a minimum. Use of the 4749A Vessel also helps minimize the quantities of waste products which may require special disposal procedures.
Model Number 4749A
Size, mL 10
Maximum Charge, grams
Inorganic Sample 0.4
Organic Sample 0.04
Recommended Maximum Temperature, °C 250
Absolute Maximum Temperature, °C 250
Absolute Maximum pressure, psig 1800
Body Material Stainless steel
Cup Seal Flanged
Overpressure Protection Rupture Disc
Closure Style Spanner Wrench
Vessel Dimensions, cm
Overall Height 8.33
Maximum O.D. 6.35
Cup Dimensions, cm
Inside Diameter 2.64
Inside Depth 2.03
Vessel Weight, grams 1076