Fermenter with gas medium

A Product by Orlab

C-BIO2 SCADA system

Sysbiotech pilot scale Gas-Fermenter was specially designed for the process of microorganisms cultivation in strictly anaerobic or facultative anaerobic conditions. In this process gas have to be carefully supply and control during cultivating.

System has mass flow controllers on all inlet lines to optimize gas supply with accordance to metabolic needs of microorganism.

Exhaust gas-line equipped with on-line gas analyzers for continues monitoring of gas-contents in exhaust gas-mixture.

On-line sensors allow to monitor and control pH, DO, temperature, ORP, Optical density. Other sensors can be add by request.

To achieve the best mixing conditions we offer different kinds of agitators like Rushton, marine or screw impellers, which can be use separately or in combination with each other.

H/D ration up to 7 was specially developed to achive better conditions for dissolving of inlet gases into media.

System can be designed for Explosion-proof conditions.

Controller system allows to manage and optimize cultivating conditions for CO, CO2, CH4 and another gases of fermentation process.

Vessel (High/Diameter: 3/1)
Total volume 10L/50L
Working volume 7L/35L
Materials AISI 316L for wetted parts
AISI 304L for non-wetted parts
Design pressure 3.0 kg/cm3 (vessel)
4.0 kg/cm3 (jacket)
Design temperature 1143°С (vessel)
151°С (jacket)
Surface finish Internal polishing Ra 0.8 μm
External polishing Ra 1.2 μm
Top lid Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter
Rupture disk with outlet pipe
Gases exhaust with condensor
Light glass
Foam control with peristaltic pump
CIP spray ball
Upper side walls Air inlet
Viewing glass
Addition inlet
Sparger (ring or micro sparger)
Lower side walls Temperature sensor PT100 pH control with peristaltic pumps
pO2 sensor
Sterile sampling system
Different sensors available on request: optical density, ORP, level, weight, conductivity, pCO2
Jacket Steam inlet / Cooled water outlet Steam outlet / Cooled water supply (with safety valve and manometer)
Bottom Sterializable bottom valve
Agitation unit Single mechanical or magnetic seal
Manual/automatic speed control depending on the amount of dissolved oxygen.
Speed range 30-600 RPM. Up to 1.500 RPM available on request
Marine, Rushton or pitched-blade impeller. Different impeller types available on request
3 welded baffles
Aeration unit Automatic air supply 2 VVM
5" absolute filter 0.2 μm and filter housing made from AISI 316L stainless steel
Manual flow meter or automatic MFC (mass flow controller)
Piping Material Sanitary grade steel
Piping construction Air supply
Plant steam supply
Pure steam supply
Cooling water supply
Cooling water return
Waste water drain
Waste liquid drain
Waste gas out
Fittings Diaphragm valve
Angle seat valve
Steam trap
Diaphragm pressure gauge
Ball valve and Pneumatic angle valve
Check valve
Safety valve
Pipes welding Orbital welding (product line)
Manual welding (general line)
  • Ready-to-work customized solutions with the ability to upgrade
  • Fully automatic control
  • 100% aseptic design, easy validation
  • Different types of impellers: Rushton, marine-blade, pitched-blade right- and left-handed orientation with radial or axial flow
  • Drive with magnetic seal.
  • Mixing speed 30-600 RPM in standard execution, up to 1.500 RPM on request.
  • Standard sensors: temperature, pH, pO2, pressure and foam.
  • Sensors on request: optical density, ORP, level, weight, conductivity, pCO2, gas analyzers.
  • The purity of gas mixture in bioreactor is guaranteed by 5" absolute filters 0,2 μm
  • Gas mixture supply control via automatic MFC (mass flow controller)
  • Different sparger types: ring or micro spargers. Different specific designs are available on request.
  • Explosion proof configuration
  • Special types of gaskets and sealing for strictly anaerobic fermentation.
  • Adaptation for different gas mixture.
  • Standard Ingold ports for electrodes.