Lab-scale photobioreactor

A Product by Orlab

C-BIO2 SCADA system

Photobioreactors feature a unique combination of the cultivator and monitoring device with user-friendly software control which offers remote control via internet. The core of the Photobioreactor system is a flat cultivation tank with integrated temperature regulation in the range of 15-60°C and bubble stirring (aeration) of the culture.

The modular Photobioreactors are designed to allow for precise control and optimization of the cultivation conditions by continuous monitoring of fluorescence parameters, photosynthetic efficiency, optical density of the culture and pH of the suspension for determining CO2 injection. Photobioreactors assure control and monitoring of numerous parameters essential for successful culture cultivation and maximum production of biomass such as stable suspension temperature, homogenous light illumination and light spectral distribution.

Our photobioreactors are currently manufactured in two standard versions differing in the volume of their cultivation vessels: 2L and 130L.

Total volume 2 L
Width 350 mm
Height 370 mm
Depth 150 mm
Materials Polycarbonate (vessel) AISI 316L (head plate)
Aeration unit
  • Surface aeration or deep aeration via sparger
  • Absolute filter 0.2 µm
  • Manual flow meter or automatic MFC (mass flow controller)
  • Components
    Head plate Condensor Port (M20) Septum port or pO2 sensor port (M20) pH sensor port 3 injection ports (M10) Agitation port (M26) Thermowell for temperature sensor
    Upper side wall Surface aeration or sampling port
    Middle side walls Sparger port Drain system

Sysbiotech photobioreactors were developed with particular focus on the quality and multifunctionality. All of them have a flat-vessel design that enables bringing uniform illumination over the whole volume of cultivated culture. They are made of polycarbonate with some parts in stainless steel 316L.

C-BIO2TM control system features:
  • Universal control system for SYSBIOTECH’s Process Line equipment.
  • You can use either separate control system for each equipment unit, or one control system for several equipment units.
  • The system is based on SCADA controller, constructed in conformance with industrial automation standards.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface provides quick access to all controllers and data.
  • Automation of the entire process procedure using pre-programmed ‘sequences’ – for better control of your process.
  • The SCADA software ensures easy and reliable data management and control across all platforms.
  • Four-level password control is included, to allow for administrator, manager, supervisor and user level authorization.