A Product by Orlab

online/offline control for pure and ultra pure water

The miniTOC system is designed for total organic carbon (TOC) online/offline monitoring of pure and ultrapure water.

The miniTOC instrument uses the high speed flow through concept and the efficient „direct surface“ UV oxidation. In combination with conductivity detection the miniTOC guarantees the fast monitoring of values.

By measuring the conductivity before and after the UV oxidation the TOC value can be calculated.

method & detection UV oxidation (partial) & conductivity
sample volume flow approx.14 mL/min
period of measurement 2 sec (online mode) | 1 min (offline mode)
measurement range 0.5 to 1000 ppb
detection accuracy ± 0.5 ppb or 1 % (whatever is greater)
ports 1 for sample, 1 for SST (basic) | 1 for sample, 3 for SST (pro)
related norms USP <643>, EP 2.2.44, DIN EN 1484
ambient parameters relative humidity: 10 to 95 %, temperature: 10 to 45 °C
interface ports analog, according to Namur NE43
dimensions, weight, power 300 x 200 x 500 mm, 14 kg, 110 - 230 V, 50 Hz, 60 Watt
type of sample medium pure or ultra pure water
medium conductivity < 2 μS/cm (upgradable to < 10 μS/cm)
inlet pressure < 1 bar
sample temperature < 50 °C