Wall mount ORFLO-70W

A Product by Orlab

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

For the measurement, two ultrasonic pulses are sent through the medium, one in the flow direction, and the other against it. The transducers work alternatively as emitter and receiver.

The transit time of the ultrasound signal propagating in the flow direction is shorter than the transit time of the signal propagating against the flow direction. This transit time difference is measured and allows the determination of the average flow velocity on the propagation path of the ultrasound signals. A velocity profile correlation is performed to obtain the average flow velocity across the cross-section of the pipe, which is proportional to the volume flow.

In this technology the key aspects for precision performance is its transmission and reception technology. Transit time provides an innovative direct ultrasonic transmission technique that ensures reliable and accurate signal detection for a wide range of purposes,

Wall Mount
  • Measuring Principle: Transit-Time Ultrasonic Technology.
  • Can be used with non-intrusive(Clamp-on) & Instrusive (Insertion & Full Bore) type Transducers.
  • High Precision & Reliability with Minimal Maintenance
  • Large pipe diameters up to 6000mm(240")
  • Provide all benefits of ultrasonic technology combined with the performance of traditional flow meters
ORLAB’s ORFLO series of Flow Meters are the best choice when faced with applications that require:
  • High reliability & precision
  • Low maintenance
  • Diverse interfaces
  • Low power consumption
Added benefits of using Clamp-On Flow Meters:
  • Easy/low cost installation.
  • No interruption in operation (no need to cut the pipe).
  • No contact with media,
  • No pressure drop or energy loss.
  • No periodic cleaning & No moving parts to wear or foul.
  • No interruption to the flow
Wall Mount ORFLO-70H Full functionality using all types of sensors and the widest selection of output and input interfaces
Pipes Measured : Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Asbestos, PVC, Cement, Concrete or any pipe with known sound velocity property
Pipe Sizes : 15 to 6000 mm
Fluid : Water, sea water and other clean liquids without high level of suspended particles
Suspended Solids : <10,000ppm
Flow Velocity : + 30 m/s
Accuracy : + 1.0% of Reading
Repeatability : ±0.2% to 0.5%
Linearity : 0.5%
Ambient Temp. : -20 to +70degC
Ambient Humidity : 85% RH Max.
IP Rating : IP 65
Power : AC 110 ~ 250V
DC 24V
Output Output 4-20mA Pulse Batch Control Relay RS-232
External Inputs 2 x RTD
3 X 4-20mA
Data Logger : SD Memory Card Module(optional)
Dimension : 251 x 92 x 80mm
Weight : 5.5 kgs
Pipe Ranges : S 15-100 mm; M 50-700 mm; L 300-6000 mm
Operating Temperature : -20 to 120 degC
IP Rating :IP 68
Cable Length :5 m by standard (optionally, can be up to 400 m)