OCMA 550 Oil Content Analyzer

A Product by Horiba

OCMA-550 to measure residual oil on components and concentrations of oil adhered on solids such as soil. Measurement can be easily made only by injecting the extracted water sample into the attached cell and setting it to the equipment. This model features a simple design which allows opening/closing of the door to setting of cell with just one hand. This is best for measurement of extracted samples such as evaluation of residual oil on components and measurement of oil contained in food.

Flexible and powerful Features of OCMA-550 Oil Content Monitor

  • Any oil with low boiling point can be measured
    With no need for a solvent evaporation process, the OCMA-500 series offers easy operation, and can detect even oils with low boiling points
  • Cell is easily detactable with just one hand
    Simple design which allows opening/closing of door and detachment of cell with just one hand. Measurement operation becomes smoother.
  • Timer function
    A timer function to display a measurement value in a certain amount of time is equipped. This saves work and time required for measurement.
  • Color graphic LCD
    The OCMA-500 series comes equipped with a 3.5-in color graphic LCD. Menus and measurement data can be clearly see
  • USB flash memory drive port
    Storing data on USB flash memories enables easy data management on PCs.
  • Unit conversion
    Inputting measurement conditions can change the units displayed (mg/L, mg/kg, mg/g, and mg/PC) as the user needs.

  • Various Application

  • Residual oil componenets
    For quality control of components
  • For piping of air conditioners and refrigerator
    To prevent reduction of cooling function
  • Semiconductor field
    For evaluation of degreasing capability
  • Others
    Useful for soil (environmental pollution), food(health hazard) and gas(quality deterioration)
Measurement principle: Solvent extraction-non-dispersive infrared absorption analysis method
Measurement range: 0mg/L ~ 200mg/L
Resolution: 0 to 9.9 mg/L; ± 0.4 mg/L ± 1 digit
10.0 to 99.9 mg/L; ± 2 mg/L ± 1 digit
100 to 200 mg/L; ± 4 mg/L ± 1 digit
Repeatability: 0 to 9.9 mg/L; ± 0.2 mg/L ± 1 digit
10.0 to 99.9 mg/L; ± 2 mg/L ± 1 digit
100 to 200 mg/L; ± 4 mg/L ± 1 digit
*For standard liquids
Display Method: 3.5 inches, 320×240 dots
Backlight Colour graphic LCD
Calibration Method: Select each optionally zero and span calibration
Extraction Solvent: S-316 solvent
※Do not use any other solvent than S-316
Amount of extraction solvent required: Approx. 6.5ml (Amount of extration solvent required)
Extraction Method: Using the extraction solvent and extracted manually outside the product
Ambient Operationg Temperature: 0 to 40'C (non condensation)
Power supply: AC 100V to 240V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: AC 100V to 240V : Approx.60VA
External Dimensions: 195(H)×253(W)×293(D) mm
Mass: Approx. 5 kg
External Output: Output to an USB memory stick
Functions: 300-item data memory(Measurement history)
Stabilized measurement value display
Self error determination
Clock function
Unit conversion function