OR 6312PTB

A Product by Orlab

pH/Temp Industrial Online Controller 6312PTB

  • Graphic LCD with manual backlight displays pH, temperature, relay status, and transmitter current mA output.
  • Automatic buffer recognition of US and NIST buffer sets.
  • Calibration data is stored in memory and is ready for use on power up.
  • Two sets of isolated and reversible 4-20 mA current output for pH and temperature allows it to be used as a proportional output.
  • 4 programmable on/off relays: 3 for pH and 1 for temperature.
  • RS-485 output for remote access allows multiple units to be connected and ganged together.
  • Password protection.
  • IP65.
Catalog number Range Resolution Accuracy
pH -2.00~16.00pH 0.01pH ±0.01pH±1 digit
Temperature -10.0~120.0 0.1 ±0.2
pH Buffer Recognition (4.01, 7.00, 10.01) or (4.00, 6.86, 9.18), user selectable.
pH Electrode Offset Recognition ±100mV at pH 7.00 / -91.7mV to +108.3mV at pH 6.86.
pH Electrode Slope Recognition ±30% at pH 4.00, 4.01, 9.18 or 10.01.
Temperature Compensation Auto -10.0~120.0 (Thermistor, 10K ohm at 25.0 ).
Input Impedance >1013 ohms.
Output Two current outputs for conductivity and temperature.
Current Output Range 4 to 20 mA (isolated), programmable span.
Current Output Scale User programmable, linear.
Maximum Load 500 ohm.
Isolation Voltage 500V DC.
Control Type 4 ON/OFF controls.
Relay Output 5A at 115V AC or 2.5A at 220V AC, resistive load only.
Display 128 x 64 graphical LCD with backlight.
Security 4-dight password.
Power 115V AC or 230V AC at 50/60 HZ.
Ambient Temperature Range From 0~50 .
Weight / Case 950 grams / IP65, 1/4 DIN case, 148mm depth.
IP-600-10 For wastewater (pH, glass body, PPS housing, NPT3/4’’ thread, 20 m cable).
IP-600-9 TH For wastewater (pH, glass body, PPS housing, NPT3/4’’ thread, 5 m cable, with 10K thermistor).
009A Protective submersion housing.
012-200-00 Waterproof enclosure.