Single Beam Spectrophotometer

Single Beam Spectrophotometer
A Product by Orlab

Preprogramed Visible Spectrophotometer OR 1500

    First Pre-Programmed Spectrophotometer manufactured in India for Water and Soil Analysis

  • The ProSpectro OR 1500 is a Single-beam visible Spectrophotometer especially designed to meet the Water and Soil applications.
  • Single Beam Spectrophotometer comes with more than 60 pre-programmed parameters and 40 user entered methods.
  • The instrument comes with convenient multi-sample holder for 10mm, 20mm, 50mm rectangular cells & 16mm round cells.
Model OR 1500
Wavelength Range 340-1100nm
Wavelength resolution 0.1nm
Accuracy ± 1 nm
Bandwidth 4 nm
Technique Single beam with auto check
Lamp Tungsten
Scan Speed 600 nm/min
Absorbance Range ± 2.5 Abs
Photometric Resolution ± 0.001 Abs
Photometric Reproducibility ± 0.001 Abs
Photometric Linearity < 1 % up to 2A at 340-900 nm
Stray Light < 0.5 % at 340 nm
Measurement Modes Concentration, Absorbance & %Transmission
Display 4 Line 20 character Dot matrix backlit LCD module
Power Supply 90-265 volts AC
Ordering Information:
Model No. Cat.No. Description/Scope of supply
OR 1500 990 1500 Spectrophotometer comes with built-in
multi cell holder (compatible for 10mm,
20mm, 50mm & 16mm round
cells) 10mm glass cells pk/2,
Power Adapter &