WATERLINE CLO2 (Chlorine dioxide)


Process analyzer for the determination of Chlorine dioxide

WATERLINE CLO2 process analyzer can be used for the monitoring and control of the chlorine dioxide concentration in water. Measurement principle is the determination of chlorine dioxide by dosing a special developed reagent to a buffered water sample until the sample changes its colour (titration). The colour change is detected by a monochromatic photometric detection system. The measurement is selective (no influence from other chlorine species in drinking water relevant concentrations).

The analyzer consists of a control unit with touchscreen and an analysis unit with measuring chamber, valve, dosing pumps and all required tube connections. The control unit includes a microprocessor which controls the automatic measurement incl. sampling, rinsing, reagent dosing and surveillance of the photodetection system. Main applications for the process titrator are the monitoring of the chlorine dioxide concentration in drinking water and cooling water and the survey of the disinfectant capacity in drinking water installations.

  • Automatic measurement incl. drift compensation
  • No external calibration or re-calibration required
  • Selective chlorine dioxide measurement (other chlorine species don’t influence the measurement)
  • Easy operation via touchscreen
  • Adjustable limit value and alarm value
  • Programmable analog output (0/4-20 mA)
  • Adjustable break time between two analysis or external start/stop
  • Optional: USB port for easy data storage
  • Optional: data transfer via wireless network
  • External plug connections (IP65) for alarm relay, limit relay, analysis relay, external start/stop, analog output
  • Multi range power supply (110–230 Volt, 50–60 Hz)
  • Including stable polycarbonate wall cabinet
Parameter Chlorine dioxide
Description Automatic microprocessor controlled analyzer for the selective determination of Chlorine dioxide
Typical Applications Drinking water and cooling water disinfection Protection against Legionella with Chlorine dioxide
Analysis Method: Photometric determination of Chlorine (DPD method)
Analyzer type WATERLINE CLO2
Measuring Range 0,02 – 0,50 ppm ClO2
Resolution 0,02 ppm
Accuracy 5 % of end value
Reproducibility 5 % of end value
Zero-point Stability automatic adjustment
Number of Samples 1
Operating Pressure 0,1 - 10 bar
Temperature5 - 30 °C
Sample Volume25 ml per analysis (excluding rinsing)
Sample Conditionclear, filtrated
Chemical DemandspH 5 –9
Cl2 < 2 ppm, Halogenes < 2 ppm, Ozone < 0,01 ppm
Drainpressure free into open drain
Storage Temp.5 – 25°C
Reagent volume 250 ml / 500 ml / 500 ml
Usage/analysisReagent 1: depends of ClO2 concentration
Reagent 2 and 3: 0,27 ml
Suitable forappr. 1315 analysis at 0,20 ppm ClO2 (Reagent 1)
appr. 1850 analysis (Reagent 2 and 3)
Cycle (approx.)3 - 6 min (excluding flushing time)
Sample interval1 – 99 min or external start/stop